Rabbi Stanley Chester Jr. is the Founder and Director of Mosaic Ministries.
Raised as a missionary’s son, Rabbi Stan (Tzoo-ree-el in Hebrew) has lived in the land of Israel over the past 19 years, first going there at the age of 6. Now at 36 years old he has pioneered Messianic Synagogues and bases in Eastern and Western Europe. Rabbi Stan has worked in many organizations including Teen Challenge (He was Assistant Director of Teen Challenge at the Vancouver, Canada base), Youth With A Mission better known as YWAM (The largest missionary organization in the world) where he taught beginning Hebrew, as well as International Director for Torah Light Ministries, a Messianic Ministry, for which he has worked for many years. Rabbi Stan has also taught in a range of foreign countries including Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, Mexico and Peru. The Rabbi has also taken fact finder tours to places such as France, Greece, Hungary and Romania where he is currently pioneering another Messianic base.  Rabbi Stanley is presently living in Seattle WA where he leads a Messianic fellowship for those in that area. He teaches on a wide range of Messianic topics.
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Rabbi Stanley in Seattle WA.
The Rav outside his base in Italy on the Mediteranean Sea
Rabbi Stan in Egypt in front of the Great Pyramid on a fact finding tour
Rabbi Elio, (a Rabbi trained by Rabbi Stanley) at Rabbi Stanleys Messianic Synagogue in Europe
The Rav leading a team to rally against the KKK in Tyler, Texas. Rabbi Stanley taught Hebrew at Youth With A Mission nearby at Lindale, TX.. 
Rabbi Stanley on the Island of Corsica in France on a fact finding mission
It's not a clear picture but that's Rabbi Stanley going parasailing- who said Rabbis can't fly?
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